Bird watchers and naturalists can reference Baja California Sur Birds, Butterflies, Dragonflies, and Other Animals by selecting pictures from a thumbnails page to view larger photographs and textual information about the selected Bird, Butterfly, Dragonfly, or Other Animal.

If you have seen a Bird you wish to identify, browse the Bird Thumbnails, find what you think may be your Bird, and click on it to go to a larger image.

If you have the name in English, Spanish, or Latin of a Bird and want to see what it looks like, browse the Bird Names List and click on the blue-highlighted name that interests you.

For Non-Bird species see Others.

We will continually populate the site with thumbnails and photographs as they become available, along with names and information about animals found in Baja California Sur.

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While we have undertaken to assure that all entries reflect the latest species information, no guarantee of currency or accuracy is implied. If you intend to utilize any information obtained from this site, we recommend that you further corroborate before putting it to use.

If you discover a discrepancy or have any comments or advice, please communicate using the Contact Page. We apologize for what will certainly be many omissions, but it is hard to imagine that the site will ever be fully comprehensive regarding the many species of Birds known to occur in the State of Baja California Sur.

To view an on-going data base of local observations click here. Last updated on 3/21/2020.

The following references are among the information sources we are consulting in the ongoing building of the Bird-reference portion of this site:

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